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Personalized attention
for unique pets

At Clinanimal, we take pride in providing personalized care to each patient, because we understand that each pet is unique. From routine checkups to specialized surgeries, we have the equipment, technology and heart to ensure your pet receives the best treatment possible.

Discover our services

Our service offer is complete. From prevention, vaccination, nutrition, diagnosis, therapies and surgeries, we even treat behavioral problems... Everything under one roof, so that your friend has a long and happy life by your side.


Bone scan

We have the technical methods to perform digital radiology, a very useful, comfortable and reliable diagnostic method.



We have several high-quality ultrasound machines to offer the best service. They are fixed and portable equipment that allows us.



We have a highly qualified team to perform all types of surgeries



Having our own team to perform analyzes allows us to obtain reliable results in the short term.

Medicina preventiva

Preventive medicine

The veterinarian is not only in charge of curing diseases, he is also in charge of preventing them, as far as possible.

Medicina interna

Internal Medicine

At Clinanimal we have the technical and human means to diagnose and treat the most common pathologies in both dogs and cats.

Our opinions

Patri Nisi
Patri Nisi
I have been taking my pets for more than 20 years, 5 in total in these years and I couldn't be happier. Both dogs and cats currently. They have always treated us with affection and the utmost professionalism. I never tire of recommending this veterinary center.
Alberto Carmona
Alberto Carmona
I have had more than one dog, and I have visited different clinics. The attention and professionalism here is fantastic
Moncho Jr
Moncho Jr
I went because I was passing through, exceptional treatment, very attentive and they also resolved all the questions I had.
Sandra Miguel Cruz
Sandra Miguel Cruz
Great deal. I am delighted. They give me incredible security in all aspects.
Very good treatment for my cat, I went to vaccinate him for Leukemia and a previous test. Leticia and her partner took care of him 10. They also advised me to use the pipette for ext+int parasites, every 3 months instead of monthly and thus save a few euros... Next visit I think I will be delighted.
Issmaa 69
Issmaa 69
We owners of Kimber are very grateful for the excellent work that the entire veterinary team has done with our dog, saving her life in a difficult intervention in which everything ended up being successful, thank you for your attention, dedication and above all for your great effort. Thank you very much, we will always be grateful to you ❤️
fiona fleming
fiona fleming
My dog needed a worming tablet before traveling back to Ireland. We also had some queries regarding our pet passport. The girl in the vets was extremely helpful and professional and spoke very good English. Highly recommend! Thank you very much!!
Daniela Sierra
Daniela Sierra
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